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Marsport Brittany Sales Agreement

John Marsman
24760 North Shore Drive, Edwardsburg, MI. 49112

Buyer________________________  Sire________________________
Date_________________________ Dam_______________________
Address______________________ Color______________________

Phone (H)_____________________

Date Born_____________________ AKC Litter Number___________

For over 30 years Marsport Brittanys has strived to breed healthy dogs that excel at the purpose for which they were bred. While Mother Nature may be unkind at times, we have never had a serious health issue. Now it is your turn for you and your family to become pups best friend. Your expectations will be met only by the effort you and your family expend in socializing, time spent with pup, training, and most important, puppy and the entire family should enroll in puppy kindergarten class.
A) Buyer agrees to have puppy examined by a veterinarian within 10 days of purchase. Seller must be notified in writing, within 3 days and receive veterinary verification of an unhealthy condition. For remedies, options one or two, below, apply. We strongly recommend you arrange with your vet to have puppy micro-chipped at the age recommended by your vet.
B) Seller warrants this puppy free of epilepsy, hip dysplasia and any genetic problem that impairs puppies function for the purpose purchased, as noted on page one of this Agreement. Claims made for any such condition must be made in writing before the animal is 3 years of age and documented by a veterinarians report. Buyer may elect one of the following options:
  1. Buyer may return the animal, freight prepaid, and a replacement puppy from the next available litter will be provided at no charge.
  2. Buyer may keep the animal. Upon veterinary confirmation that the animal has been spayed or neutered, ½ of the purchase price will be refunded.
C) Buyer shall assume full responsibility for the health and well being of the animal. Your puppy has already received its first vaccination. Vaccinations, heartworm medication, bordatella, rabies shots etc. will be administered as scheduled by your vet on the initial visit or within a week or two thereafter. Buyer agrees to take proper safeguards for the care and safety of this animal, including a physical or electric fenced exercise area, indoor living, adequate food, water and exercise. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in return of the animal to the seller, with buyer forfeiting all monies. Buyer must sign over AKC registration papers to seller.
D) If a female is purchased and the buyer later decides to breed her, Buyer must use a stud dog owned by, or recommended by, the seller, or all guarantees in this Agreement are null and void. Your dog must be OFA Certified prior to breeding. This Agreement does not warrant this animal for the purpose of breeding or showing. 
E) If a male is purchased, buyer agrees that Seller is entitled to one stud service from said male at no cost to Seller. Your dog should be OFA Certified prior to breeding. Seller makes no promise to use said male for stud service. This Agreement does not warrant this animal for the purpose of breeding or showing.
F) Should it become necessary for the Buyer to dispose of this animal, Marsport Brittanys will be given the right of first refusal to repurchase the animal. The original buyer will assume all expenses related to return of the animal to Marsport Brittanys.
G) If this dog is used for breeding without the written consent of the Seller, this Agreement is null and void.

With full payment you will receive:
__AKC Litter Registration Certificate     
__Health Records (first of a series of vaccinations was given at 6 weeks 
__Purchase Agreement
__Care, feeding and training information           

Your puppy has already received a vet checkup and the following care:
( ) Dew claws removed ( ) Tail docked if necessary ( ) Current vaccinations ( ) Wormed

When you come to pickup puppy you should bring the following:
Crate, 18”x30”x24”, with bedding; 12” adjustable collar; 6’ leather lead about 5/8”wide, newspaper and rags, water dish that fastens to side of crate.

Items you will need at home: Choke collar; 2 name tags; water and food dishes; medium metal comb; wire brush; toe nail clippers; doggy tooth brush and paste; Nyla bones; tennis ball; rope toys. NO knucklebones or rawhides.

(H) Buyer has ( )Accepted, (  )Declined the option to purchase an additional Show/Breeding Agreement.

Buyer _______________________________            Date ________________

Seller _______________________________            Date ________________


“Super Puppy”, sent previously
“Mother Knows Best”, Carol Benjamin

“Gun Dog”, Dick Wolters
“Best Way To Train Your Dog”, Bill Tarrant
There are many books and tapes on this subject, but many authors try to make rocket science out of training. These books work for me and I knew the authors.

“The Winning Edge”, Alston & Vanacore
“The Absolute Beginners Guide To Showing Your Dog”, Smith

Addresses to AKC and ABC (The American Brittany Club)

Rev. 8/07