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MARSPORT BRITTANY...Show & Breeding Agreement

John Marsman
24760 North Shore Drive, Edwardsburg, MI. 49112

Attachment to the agreement between John Marsman and ___________________, dated __________. Buyer is required to have this dog shown to its AKC conformation championship.

Marsport Brittanys warrants this puppy to be of show/breeding quality and free of all disqualifications* as defined in the AKC Standard for the breed. If puppy develops a disqualifying fault, puppy will be replaced or $200 will be refunded upon veterinary or show official’s verification.

As you saw from my web site, Marsport Brittanys has a 30-year history of breeding and show success. However the buyer bases success in any endeavor on his/her investment of time, effort and practice. Also, if you are within a reasonable distance and willing to meet me, I will groom your dog, scale teeth and clip nails and show the dog at no charge and/or teach you to show the dog. You would pay the $20 +/- entry fee. If you are a greater distance I will provide information and support on how you can be a show success.

My breeding program has also been successful. If you choose to breed, I will guide you for the breeding, progesterone tests and provide guidance on building a whelping pen and birthing. Your dog should not be bred until it has received OFA hip certification (24 months of age or older). I am also suggesting elbows and eye (CERF) exams also be done. If a female is to be bred, buyer is to use a stud dog owned or recommended by Marsport Brittanys. If buyer does not adhere to this or the Primary Agreement, both Agreements are null and void.

Buyer _______________________            Date ________________

Seller _______________________            Date ________________

Reference Materials:
Handling Your Own Dog For Show Or Obedience
Breeding Better Dogs, Kyle Onstott
The Mating & Whelping Of Dogs, R. Portman Graham
The Art & Science Of Judging Dogs, C. & T. Brown              
*Over or under bite, black in nose or coat, over or under size, umbilical hernia (not a disqualification), monorchid or chryptorchid (males).

Rev 7/07