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Marsport Brittanys - Dogs at Stud

I breed all my dogs for biddable companionship, field ability and show potential (good looking) and good health. Pedigrees include number one and top ten ranked show dogs, dogs with Dual and Field Championship titles and over 15 dogs with AKC hunt test titles at all levels, 3 to 5 generations of OFA good or excellent certification.

IF YOU SELECT A MARSPORT STUD DOG I require your girl to have a brucellosis test (performed by your vet). I will obtain a brucellosis test on my stud dog. Your girl should be OFA Certified. She should be of sound temperament. I will mentor you on whelping and raising puppies.

There is a $25 fee if I must keep your girl here for the breeding

Ch Sterling Oaks Sir Bentley - OFA AFC/Ch Sanbar's Call Collect MH - OFA Ch Sanbar's Cinnamon Toast - OFA Ch Sanbar's Call When Readi - OFA DC/AFC Masked Shoshoni War Chief- OFA Ch Sanbar's Indian Penny - OFACh Sanbar's Cinnamon Toast - OFACh MARSPORT NEAT NICKLEBACK JH - OFA Ch Marsport Tzigane Tristan - OFA Ch Marsport Sir Issac JH - OFA Ch Marsport Saucy Sugar - OFACh Marsport's Fiery Fargo - OFA Ch Marsport Rebel Ridge - OFA Ch Marsport Arwen Evenstar - OFA Marsport Amber Memories

Brittany Spaniel Ch MARSPORT NEAT NICKLEBACK JHIn the yard Nick will flash around and then bring you a toy waiting all aquiver to have it thrown again so he can retrieve again. He can do this forever. After a while he will come and sit by Johns’ side for petting and loving. In the house he loves to be petted and will go to anyone who will pet him.

In the field Nick moves at a ground covering, bird finding pace. He ranges under good gun dog control, handles kindly, responds to the whistle and other commands. He holds point ‘till the flush and retrieves to hand. Nick has earned his AKC Junior Hunt Test title.

Nick too is a handsome boy, easily earning his AKC show championship. His sire is Readi (a Best in Show Brittany), a brother to Jonnie, and also owned by the Wests’. His mom is Fargo, a quiet, loving girl who now lives with the Westphals’.

OFA Good; Elbows Normal; DNA Profiled; Eyes Clear, Proven Producer.

Brittany Stud Dog Marsport Brittanys | CH MARSPORT TROUBLE IN FARGO
Ch Red's Revenge - OFA Ch Evansport Devilish Diver - OFA Ch Evansport's Tempestous Tara - OFA Ch Evansport Triumphant Trouble - OFA Ch Red's Revenge - OFA Ch Evansport's Radiant Rachel Ch Pix O-Dee Sioux CH MARSPORT TROUBLE IN FARGO - OFA Ch Marsport Tzigane Tristan - OFA Ch Marsport Sir Issac JH - OFA Ch Marsport Saucy Sugar - OFACh Marsport's Fiery Fargo - OFA Ch Marsport Rebel Ridge - OFA Ch Marsport Arwen Evenstar - OFA Marsport Amber Memories

Whelped on 3/25/2008. Trouble is the only male born to the genetic combination of the original 1988 Westminster Best of Breed Winning CH. Evansport Triumphant Trouble, and the current CH. Marsport Fiery Fargo. Trouble offers in many ways a unique and exceptional combination of both past and present recognized and nationally ranked Champions within the Marsport bloodline. Troubles grand sire is Diver, a number one and Best in Show Brittany in his day and a great hunter.

Trouble garnered immediate attention in the confirmation ring, earning his AKC championship quickly. With top finishes frequently - Trouble earned points while still in the puppy class. Possessing an exceptional coat, and bodyline Trouble grooms and shows easily his only challenge to showing is keeping his Alpha male boldness in check. Trouble started his AKC ascent in April of 2009, and gained his AKC Championship status a short time later on May 28th, 2010 with a 4 point Major at the Apple Blossom Cluster in Kalamazoo Michigan the same show where John delivered him to our family a mere 2 years prior.

Trouble has been equally adept in the hunting field beginning his field training experience while still a puppy. Bird hunting for Trouble is his true passion it is in the field where his genetics, intellect and breeding truly show the exceptional animal he is. It has not been uncommon for Trouble to be hunted one day and win in the show ring the next. During outdoor shows judges knew Trouble by his resilient need to be stacked into the wind where he could keep his eye on any birds flying near the show ring. Following his wins it was often commented that he Truly was a Bird Dog His intensity and desire to please coupled with his exceptional intelligence have allowed him to become a finished and accomplished hunting dog quickly. He exhibits boldness, passion and drive yet remains ever willing to please and accompany his master working closely with the hunter he delivers consistent finds and strong performance in the hunting field.CH MARSPORT TROUBLE IN FARGO

Trouble is a wonderful companion. He enjoys being with his family and is great with our children. Acceptant of family members or invited guests he remains an ever present guardian of the home and would surely defend the home or family members if necessary. He has been equipped with a larger than average problem solving mind which does allow him to occasionally figure out things not normally expected from a canine. We are quite convinced that if Trouble was equipped with thumbs, he would likely obtain the keys for the hunting truck and arrange additional hunting trips on his own. Clearly an Alpha Male Trouble commands a presence wherever he may be. Our Family has been blessed with three Marsport dogs in the last 20 years and Trouble truly represents the traits and lines of the past combined with the very best of the present...

David & Lori Westphal, Troubles owners.
(John is co-owner; Trouble lives with the Westphals)

OFA Good; Elbows Normal.