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With the help of Jeff Gilchrist, who has 3 Marsport dogs he has trained to Master Hunt Test titles, a number of good folks who have Marsport dogs, or who have bred Marsport dogs, have gone on to higher levels of hunting by earning AKC Senior and Master Hunt Test titles. Still another has earned a Dual Champion (show Champion & a field Champion) or have won or placed at field trials. About 8 have earned higher level titles, with more on the way. At the Senior and Master levels dogs must hold point, be steady to wing and shot, retrieve to hand and honor and back…what a nice day in the field.

Thank you Jeff and the wonderful owners of Marsport bred dogs.

Hunt tests are fun and a fun way to expand your field experience with your dog. Judges can be helpful in pointing out little things you and your dog can improve. Hunt tests are held year round except for the hot summer months. With training most Marsport dogs are capable of earning advanced titles. It is so nice to go afield with a dog that holds point and retrieves with no need for you to get upset as your dog blows a bird out of range. About 15 owners of Marsport Brittanys have earned Junior Hunt Test titles on their dogs. I would say all Marsport Brittanys are capable of earning the Junior Hunt Test title, and advanced titles, if the owner is willing to work toward it.

A Day with Trouble on a shot

A day out hunting with friends & dogs.

Marley in South Dakota Ember with a good days find! --- bred by the Snider’s.

Riley earns his JH title with Jim Mc - Randy Perkins with Skylar

Snider's & Dogs
Janet Barth's Lilly earning her JHJanet Barth's Lilly earning her JH

Janet Barth's Lilly earning her MH title

Dogs & Friends
If only…we could own a dog that heeled to field, worked the cover to perfection, held a point and honored, was steady to wing and shot and retrieved to hand, all without a word being said. These dogs are called Master Hunters and Jeff Gilchrist owns 3. Jeff trained these Marsport Brittanys himself and he earned those titles. His sense of humor is special. Jeff is the consummate gentleman, always willing to help others and honor their accomplishments. Says Jeff, “I can think of few things that have brought me more fulfillment and simple happiness than these 3 dogs and learning the art of hunting over pointing dogs. Even now, after 3 AKC Master Hunt Test Titles, they continue to fascinate me, and remind me of how much I have yet to learn; and not just about dogs…life is an unutterably mysterious journey.”  

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