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MARSPOT Testimonials

Marsport Brittany Marley | Owner Dennis DeBusman I just wanted to let you know how Marley is doing. We saw over 300 birds in 4 days. Marley was outstanding in the field. His progression over the 4 days was just awesome to watch. He really started to figure out the wild birds.

Dennis DeBusman."
Marsport Brittany | Owner Jody I am happy to talk Marsport Brittanys with you. I now have 2 dogs from John - and they are a hoot. My 3 yr old is a sweetie. Finally calm, cool and collected most of the time. My 4 month old puppy is a pistol and only has 2 speeds - full speed ahead, or sleeping. They get along great and keep each other entertained, which helps make for a very tired puppy at the end of the day. Feel free to give me a ring anytime. Happy to talk about my dogs to anyone who will listen, or to answer any questions you have about Brittanys or showing dogs. I've attached a picture of my puppy just having fun. The dogs all look great in the ring - but since they spend most of their times being family members, I thought you'd like to see my guy just being a puppy.

Hi John, just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how happy we are with our brit Charlie. He is now 1 1/2 years old and has been an awesome hunting dog with probably 200 birds shot over him already including a trip to Iowa this fall for wild birds. He is my best friend and a super intelligent dog.He has found almost every bird that has hit the ground including a few long runs and trips under brush piles to catch them and hold them until I arrive. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have this hunting buddy and we will probably be looking to get another in a year or two for Charlie to train.

Craig and Martha K
MArsport Brittany | Owners Paul & MarthaHi! We have purchased three Brittanys from John, and we are happy to relate our experience with John and our dogs. Paul and I think our dogs are the best in the world, as I know all the Marsport Brittany owners feel. The dogs all have their own unique personalities, but some qualities are common to all the dogs. Of those qualities I would have to say affection, intelligence and willingness to please us are the "big three". They all seem to adore their owners and want to do anything that makes us happy, whether it be hunting in the fields all day (of course THEY love that too!) or being a good companion and "couch potato". Their sweet dispositions make them welcome wherever we take them. As far as health concerns we have had very few problems. Paul is a veterinarian so we see all the conditions different breeds are susceptible to, and our dogs seem to be relatively free from serious illnesses. John is a highly regarded and conscientious breeder. He has had Brittanys for many years and has produced some of the finest dogs in the country, and at the same time has always given his new owners all the support and information they need to raise their pup.

Sincerely, Paul & Martha
Marsport Brittany Ezera | Owner Louis FIscher About 6 years ago we met John in our search for a Brittany puppy to join us in our retirement. Ezra is 5 1/2 years old now, a champion, a junior hunter, has sired two litters of puppies, and is a source of great joy in our lives. We had originally planned on just a family dog that my husband could hunt, but responded to John's encouragement to let him be shown. He is a delight and we don't know what we would do without him. I had never had a dog before, but my husband had had German shorthairs for hunting, so he was the experienced one. Ezra has opened up a whole new aspect to our lives. We have made many new friends through him. You won't regret it! By the way, John is a great source of help and guidance.

Lois F
Marsport Brittany Owner Jeff "John, something of a miracle this weekend. Trace put it all together and qualified with great scores both Saturday and Sunday to finish his AKC Master Hunter Title at the ripe old age of 2 years 4 months, 21 days. One of the judges on Saturday gave him four 10's! Mary and I are elated! Surely Watson's living spirit was with Trace all the way! Trace's registered name is Marsport Faugh A Ballaugh. In old world Gallic it means, "Clear The Way". Aptly named.... It was quite a weekend for Marsport Brittanys at Ionia.....by my count 4 Marsport dogs qualified in seven hunt tests, gaining 2 Master Titles and 2 Junior Titles. Nobody failed a test! A clean sweep! Congratulations Mr. Marsman!

Very Best, Jeff"
I thought I would update you on Cappy, Jim went to Bong one day recently and ran into some people working their young dogs. Jim said it was totally amazing, just one correction and he came in closer every time Jim gave him the command. Lee, a friend, had not seen Cappy work for awhile and he was totally impressed. Jim of course beamed like a proud father. I truly feel that Cappy is our once in a lifetime dog, I don't know if we will ever have a dog as good as him again, I truly hope so though.

Jean T
Marsport Brittany eating icecream | Owned by KC We had a picture taken of him yesterday. He is such a ham. He loved posing for the camera. He has such a fantastic personality (or should I say dogality). Everybody loves him. And what is better, he likes everybody including all the dogs he plays with each week. They can't believe him at Pet Smart where he goes to play at least once a week. Even dogs that are shy he gets them socialized and gets them playing. They love having him there because he tires out the other dogs. By about four o'clock in the afternoon the other dogs are laying around. Not William, he is still raring to go.

What a joy he is. He is now in advanced obedience and we are working him without a lead. I don't know for sure, but we may eventually take him into obedience competition. We still have a lot of work to do with him. He is really, really intelligent. It only takes a couple of times to show him a command and he picks it up.

Enough of us bragging.

Thank you,
Marsport Brittany Show Photo | Owner Fowler Family When I first visited John and his dogs, my only intention was to have a sweet, well-bred companion. But because Marsport Brittanys are so healthy and correct in conformation, I quickly decided to give the dog show world a try. Terra and I worked hard to make our mark, and I’m happy to say it paid off. Not only did she finish her championship, she also turned many heads with her pretty face and lovely lines. John’s dogs have their own distinct look, and wherever we go, people in the know recognize Terra as one of many beautiful, elegant Marsport Brittanys.

Terra is the first Brittany we have ever owned, and she has amazed and delighted us since we brought her home in the summer of 2005. She is intelligent, energetic, and she keeps us on our toes! Next on the agenda are obedience and agility, and I have no doubt we will do well and have a ball. Keep your Brittany busy, and she will keep you young!

Fowler Family
Marsport Brittany Rio | Owner RObert Walters An elegant female that performs as wonderfully in the field as she does in the ring. Not bad for the last pick of the litter!!!"

Robert Walters
South Bend, IN
Marsport Brittany Jasper | Owner Bob C "I’ve heard it said that “a dog is a creature that fills needs that you may not even know exist”. My Marsport Brittany, Jasper, has made me a firm believer. Jasper is a show Grand Champion and now AKC Master Hunt title recipient but, much more importantly, he is a valued member of my family/pack. Jasper is gentle, well mannered and friendly to anyone who will scratch his rump.

"I believe Marsport dogs are bred to deliver healthy animals with the potential to be faithful companions, successful show contenders and enthusiastic hunters. Expose your dog to the show experience John possesses and the field experience of Jeff G. (who assists in field training), and the sky is the limit. I’ve yet to meet a Marsport dog owner who regretted their decision to procure their “Britt” from Marsport Kennels.

"Thank you for getting Jasper and me together."

Bob C.
Dewitt, Michigan
Marsport Brittany Jessie | Owner Ben I can't put into words how happy we are with Jessie and the pure joy it has been to work on training her with Jeff. This Hunt Testing is tasty icing on the cake for us and we hope to continue through Senior and on toward Master if all works out for us. I don't know if Jeff mentioned it or not, but a fellow saw Jessie work on Saturday the 5th and made his friends come down specifically to watch her on Sunday the 6th. They were very impressed with her and how she hunted. I took great pride in letting them know that she was a Marsport dog and that we'd been working with Jeff on her training. The folks there were familiar with you and the woman even asked me if she was a "Marki/Joe" pup. Sure enough, she was right!


Marsport Brittany Skylar | Owner Randy "Thank you for our recent outing at Rustic Ridge Hunt Club. It is always nice to see Jeff too. I thought Skylar did very well. Skylar (a Marsport bred dog), is really a wonderful companion and quite a crackerjack hunter too." Best Regards,

Randy P.
"My name is Sara, Steven and I gave a home to a little pup of yours we named Bernie (Marsport Weekend at Bernies). He is and has been a wonderful addition to our home, we couldn't imagine life without him.

He has such a sweet nature and is absolutely wonderful with my 3yr old niece. He is also shockingly smart.

Although Bernie was neutered and we do not hunt. It is now swimming season, so Bernie can't wait to get out in his favorite lake!

Anyways, I just wanted to reach out after all these years and say thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs. I would recommend you in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a Brittany."

Marsport Brittany Paxton | Owner TamelaPaxton and I (and my boyfriend Mike) are still doing great living in Chicago! My city pup is a great little running partner, and is always up for a morning run along the lakefront.

He's a really great dog, with a wonderful and very sweet personality. He's quite a character, and makes us laugh all the time.

Here are a few pictures from a recent weekend trip we took to a log cabin on Lake Michigan.

Best regards,

Tamela P

Very proud of Timber yesterday. He earned a Prize I in the NAVHDA Natural Ability test yesterday. Only a handful earned that prize. He was the only Brittany amongst all the German shorthairs. Not sure if you know what the testing involves but he had to run for 20 minutes in a field and find at least 2 birds demonstrate desire, bird finding, pointing and cooperation. He found 4 birds.  He had to track a pheasant and he had to swim twice to retrieve 2 bumpers. Frank and I worked hard in the past month with his training. Took me a while to get him to swim the past month but he did it.  Many nice compliments. We are so pleased with him he is a fantastic dog.! 




Frank N